Certified Member Firm of SFAI

Within a year of being affiliated with SFAI, KlientScape is proud to announce that we have been upgraded to a certified status. KlientScape is among the 10 members in Asia with certified status among the 52 affiliates. 

SFAI boasts an impressive 195 partner firms around the world in over 70 countries (as of December 2016.) 

SFAI is currently the fastest growing company among the top 20 companies of the world in its industry with revenues exceeding USD 450 million/ year. 

The decision to upgrade to certified status was made between Mr. Abhijeet Ghimire (Managing Director of KlientScape) and Dr. Alfredo Spilzinger (President of the Board of SFAI.)

This is a major milestone for KlientScape as the company was only founded in 2013 and within this short period has established itself as among the leaders in its industry.

 Mr. Abhijeet Ghimire has expressed his delight on the certified status and claimed "Our growth not only exemplifies the success of the company but is a testament to all the people working with us to provide with unmatched services, integrity, and quality of work." 

KlientScape is planning to add a few more services to its expanding list of services already provided.